I am Tuğrul Ertürk, a PhD candidate. I love problem solving; as a part of this love I worked as a programmer on several commercial and open source projects. As of 2017, I finished my master's thesis under the supervision of Pamela Faber in University of Granada on the topic of sentiment analysis.

These are my latest computational linguistics projects:

  • LexFreq - A machine learning tool to discover semantic relations between words in a given word list.
  • AnaphoraCore - Web based anaphora resolution tool. Please note that this project is no longer available due to a change of policy in Microsoft Cognitive Services. Its source code can be accessed at http://github.com/callofktulu/AnaphoraCore
  • SubFinder  - Semantic analyze tool that determines the percentage of subjectivity in environmental studies articles.

You can also check my open source projects at http://github.com/callofktulu/

Feel free to send a message via my university mail tugrulerturk [ at ] correo.ugr.es

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