The word gas (or as we say gaz), was introduced from French (gaz) to Turkish. We have some sayings using the word gas.

  • Gaza getirmek (Bring someone to gas): To motivate, to encourage. But in a phony way for a non-achievable or larger than life aim
  • Gaz vermek (Give someone some gas): Same as above
  • Gaza gelmek (Coming into the gas): Being pumped up. Being highly motivated
  • Gazlamak (To produce gas): Stepping on it. Going full throttle. It also means to flee
  • Gaz kesmek (Cut down the gas): Slowing down, cutting to the chase

And obviously:

  • Gaz çıkartmak (Release gas): A very formal way of saying to fart (or burp if it is a baby). You would use in a doctor consultation for example.